Hit 9k today, here’s a selfie to celebrate🎉🎊
Hello all I haven’t posted a selfie in so long I’ve become a cyclops

Guys I held an alligator in Alabama on my spring break trip!!!!

hi yes hello, I took this a few days ago on my birthday
hi yes i kno the anon keeps asking for a picture of my ass but here’s a christmas selfie instead
hi yes hello good evening all
happy happy happy

This is what I mean when I say no one gets me like him. He is the absolute best and we fight all the time but neither of us would trade each other for anything. And yeah, a lot of people think it’s something more, but he is my rock and my biggest confidant. I couldn’t live without him, bottom line.

Heart to hearts with my best friend are da best

He sent this to me a month and a half ago and I still look at it every day I get down because no one understands me like him and no one gives me support like him
I’m odd looking and I never smile anymore. But I’ve gained like 50 followers since yesterday so here is my face….again